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What is an Ascended Master?

One who has attained the state of Consciousness known as Absolute, Divine or Christ Consciousness. This state is achieved when a soul recognises and realises fully his or her True Creative Nature – their Divinity. One who has overcome the illusions of the world and gained Mastery over All Life. One who has transcended every vibration, becoming Master of every vibration.

In becoming completely unified in Consciousness with the Consciousness that created All things; one transcends all vibrations. An Ascended Master is one who has attained the state of Consciousness known as Christ Consciousness. This state is achieved when a soul recognises His or Her True Creative Nature, their Divinity, completely. They have realised that the Life in them is the same as the Life in All – the stone, the plant, the animal, the human, the very earth, the whole universe, The All. The Cosmic Master has transcended the illusions of this world and gained his or her inherent mastery over all vibrations.

Through Love and Devotion to the Source and living the Life in complete harmony with Nature, their Aspirations only to the very highest with Divine Illumination in their sight, they have harmonised themselves completely with the Source of All Life –  The Principle. When one has unified or merged fully with the Principle, The Principle responds to Their will and their every thought with great power, instantly. The Consciousness of an Ascended Master is a point in the Universal Mind through which the electromagnetic Creative Force flows through freely to bring into manifestation anything the Master holds in His or Her purified mind. . . .

. . . As one steps upon that Royal road to total Spiritual Consciousness, the vibrational rate of their physical body quickens.

It must be made clear here: The High road is only stepped upon when the seeker recognises and understands fully that he-she is a Divine Incarnation. They have realised completely that it is the indwelling Spirit of God that is their True Nature. When they can say ‘I AM’ with complete understanding, only then has the Spiritual Journey begun. These souls no longer have the worldly desires; they are completely devoted to ‘The Source’.

There are many instances throughout history of ‘Holy people’ who had lived their lives only for God, that when they left their bodies at so called death, their bodies did not decay as is usual. This is because they had raised the vibration of the body above the gross vibrations of the world. . . . .

Also see the Book: ‘Ascended Masters Reveal the Path within to Ascension‘ to learn about the Master Souls who make up part of the Great White Brotherhood.

Pictures and Prints of the Masters

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