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The Return of a Great King

From time to time very Great Beings will reincarnate to bring about change when there is a very great need on the earth.

Lord El Morya is one of these. Spiritual Hierarch, Executor of God’s Will.

This Great Lord represents and demonstrates the Creative Will and Divine Intelligence in man.

El Morya embodies the Blue Ray, and through his Mighty Consciousness projects through this ray, Gods Will and Intelligence, to stimulate mental activity in man to a higher and greater expression.

The name `EL’ means the Universal King; it also represents the Infinite Spirit in man.

In 1983 when my Spiritual mission became serious it was suggested from `above’ that I read `Morte D’Arthur’ or the death of Arthur and remember it.

The stories of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, though probably semi-mythical, are embedded with the sacred inner mysteries pertaining to man’s True Nature or Divine Being.

King Arthur was El Morya. I was told then that this King was to draw the sword of Power from the Rock of Truth and Faith once again to bring about change in this time of great need.

From time to time this Great Being, El Morya, has incarnated with a Divine Mission and Purpose.

Here are two of incarnations:

He incarnated into the east and was Melchior, one of the wise men who followed the Star to welcome and protect the new born Christ child in Bethlehem.

The name Melchior means: my King, my Ruler, my Council, of or belonging to the King.

Then in 1542 He incarnated into the Mogul Empire in India and became `Akbar the Great’, the Great Mogul Emperor. He reigned from 1556 until His passing in 1605.

He went into India to bring about great change part of which was to extend the Mogul Empire by including Northern India. Akbar had a powerful and magnetic personality and was successful in His Mission and the Empire developed a strong and stable economy.

Akbar had a deep respect and tolerance for all religions and everyone in His Empire had freedom to worship as they wished.

Because of Akbar’s great thirst for knowledge and His Love of the Arts His courts were often alive and vibrating with enthusiastic discussion between Priests and Holy Men of every religion, with poets, writers and artists, wise men and philosophers and architects who would meet there from around the world at the invitation of the Great Akbar.

The return of a Great Master has been long anticipated as the World crisis deepens.

Lord El Morya, Executor of Gods Will again wears the cloak of great power as well as the shoes of the Great Fisherman as Beloved Pope Francis.

He has come into this position as a Great Spiritual Hierarch where His words will reach many millions around the World.

His words have already initiated great changes in His immediate environment and around the World and will continue to do so for His tongue is gilded by the Fires of the Holy Spirit and of Gods Will.  (The spoken word of Gods Will resonates through this World and out in the universe).

Pope Francis preaches the Power of Love, Compassion and Mercy for those countless millions who are suffering immeasurably. He asks all who are able to help to open their hearts and help in any way possible and to pray for them.

This Great Shepherd has already drawn millions of souls, who had drifted into a loose relationship with the Creator back into the fold of Christ.

His prayers and wisdom are not only for those of the Catholic Faith but for all peoples of all faiths around the World; all who have the `ears to hear’ and `the eyes to see’.

Under the name of Akbar He actively reached out to the leaders of other religions and faiths and established a harmonious relationship and unity between them all. He is doing the same today.

The souls gathered safely under the mystical cloak of Light worn by Pope Francis are being protected in the Love and Grace of Christ’s Truth until they can be `born again’ through the inner mysteries of Jesus Christ. To be born again means an wakening into Higher Consciousness of the One Life, One God, revealing the True Nature of every soul. Those who receive the teachings of Jesus Christ and partake of the Holy Eucharist are keeping alive and preserving the Sacred Inner Mysteries.

If the way to Truth has been desecrated by watered down scriptures, that means parts of the Life and teachings of Jesus have been removed or altered, the steep mystical inner path to enlightenment will have deep impassable chasms in it.

Jesus Christ taught by the example of His own Life and His teachings are pregnant with the Inner Mysteries that lead us to Truth.

His Life unfolded through Seven Major Acts, each act has a profound mystery to enter into and when realised the veils of ignorance disappear, then the Spiritual Journey really begins.

The Seven Acts:

1, His Mystical Conception
2, The Awakening of His Divine Nature
3, The Consecration of His Life to God
4, The Temptation
5, The Crucifixion
6, The Resurrection
7, The Ascension

These mysteries must be kept alive and intact for those seeking enlightenment through the mysteries of the Christ of God.

Jesus the Christ of God, the Christos, came into the World to be the Light of the World and in His wake the Angels descend and ascend.

All of you who seek, be aware and realise that the Living Christ of God in the Eternal Now beckons; listen and heed that silent voice within and prepare yourselves for the inward journey to enlightenment. Prepare yourselves Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally for the Spiritualisation process to begin. Pray much and be pure of heart.

To be pure of heart you must Love unconditionally, be kind and gentle with all Life, you must mot judge nor condemn or be covetous or jealous, and you Must Forgive.

Beloved Pope Francis has also come to give voice to our Beloved Earth Mother and gives warnings of extreme and dire consequences if mans exploitation of the Earth and the environment does not cease immediately.

Warnings have been given over many years now almost to no avail. Those who are `awake’ can read the signs of these times and know that catastrophic events are well underway.

Many are natural, for the earth and Solar System are going through evolutionary change but many are caused by mankind and his lust for wealth and power. Many see the terrible plight before mankind but those who worship money more than life deny it. This seeming insatiable greed will cost him dearly; there shall be so much unnecessary suffering.

Those of you who love Light and Peace and are striving to keep harmony with the Spiritual evolutionary forces, keep faith and know that Great Forces of Light are coming toward us and are among us. Great Beings are helping guide us, making us more aware of our Oneness with our Creator and all His-Her creations. We must raise ourselves to see with the Eyes of the Spirit, to walk and talk with the Angels and to be aware of the Holy Streams that flow through us and to be aware of the Alchemy of our awareness in Truth.

We come forth from the font of all Life as units of Divine Life, or Spirit or Consciousness.

Our soul is a projection of the Spirit of Eternal Life, a living House or Temple for the expression of the Spirit of God, our True Divine or Real Self and the body of flesh, a house for the individualised Spirit of God upon the Earth Plane.

The body and soul are Sacred unto God for they are one with Him. He created us and then became us. God is the Eternal Life within and we can never be separated from Him.

We are also houses for Gods Holy Angels, the Angels of the Earth Mother, the Angels of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water who were called forth to give form to the body of flesh and bone growing in the womb of its human mother.

The Elements are in chaos around the world because of mans destructive behaviour and climate change. Everyone Must Change Their Lifestyle. Light bearers must establish a state of inner Peace and Harmony with nature so as not to create chaos in the Elements within themselves and in their surroundings.

`Beloved Earth Mother, Great Maternal Being, you give of yourself to bring forth All Life on Earth, you nurture us, you Love us, for you yourself are a manifestation of Divine Love’.

Every Creature is precious to God in all Kingdoms. All Nature is a manifestation of `Divine Life’

All that our Earth Mother suffers by the hands of man, so will all life on Her suffer for all are one with Her. Her bones are our bones, her blood our blood, Her breath our breath and so on. I ask you to ponder this deeply.

We are all Divine children of the One Living God the One Jesus called `Father’, He-She exists in us and we exist and have our being in Him.

In the Mysteries the great sin of mankind is his-her ignorance of their True Divine Being.

All will eventually fully awaken and take on the magnificent Aura of Divinity.

Also in the Mysteries of the Christ, Melchior the wise man of the East who travelled to greet the incoming Christ child, metaphysically represents the indwelling Power of the Divine Creative force or Will Power incarnate within the Divine Christ Child.

All Creation has been created on the foundation of the impersonal Principles of Love and Wisdom, Will is the Creative, Directive Force in the universe and in man.

God is Spirit which is in Itself complete. This is the Life in every soul and is the only Life, the Creative Living Power in all Universes and on all planes.

The soul of man is the Divine vessel of the Spirit of God, created by God and then inhabited by Him; everything that the Creator is man is, the only difference being in degree.

From perfection we have come, to perfection we must eventually return.

Holy Father Pope Francis asks us all to pray, and pray we must for the World is in dire need of prayer.

The Power of prayer is Mighty when you pray, pray with the realisation that God dwells within and knows your prayer before you even pray. Pray and know that Gods Will is done in you.

No matter which religion or creed or faith you follow or Spiritual values you embrace, let us all unite in Love, Peace and Light behind Pope Francis, the Hierarch of Great Light. . Let us Pray for Him and with Him and help Him raise this World into greater Love, Light and Peace.

In Love, Light and Peace we are One forever in Christ.
El Morya

Symbolic Portrait of El Morya

In Spiritual Symbolism this painting represents the return of the King.

The beautiful White Horse represents the Mind and Spiritual thought patterns of the King. The powerful positive and creative mind of El Morya.

The Golden Fleur-de-lis on the horses headress situated over the horses brow represents El Morya’s Eye of Light or All Seeing Eye and again over His heart. The Fleur-de-lis in this situation represents the royalty of Christ and the Ressurection or Return of the King.

He wears a Golden Headress adorned with a faceted diamond which again indicates a pure, sharp and powerful mind.

The Horses Cover displays the Golden Winged Disc representing Eternal Divine Power.

The Blue indicates the Ray He embodies and is the Chohan of.

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