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St Germain reminds us of the
Necessity of using the Violet Fire

A reminder from the Beloved St Germain of the great importance of invoking and utilizing the Cosmic Violet Fires. The Violet Fire is known as the Fire of God’s Mercy and is being used to aid mankind in his transition from one Cosmic Age to another, in other words to assist man move into a higher vibration without unnecessary suffering.

The fiery Cosmic action of the Violet Energy breaks up and transmutes mis-qualified, negative or dark energy back into pure, high energy vibrations. Because of mans Divine Creative Nature every thought he has is a creation, every thought, every word has great power; every word, every sound and every thought has colour and form.

Most people every day are, by their words and silent thoughts, bringing forth untrue expressions thereby mis-qualifying Divine energy and causing imperfect creations.

Man mis-qualifies Divine energy when his thoughts, words or deeds are negative; that is when they are fearful, hateful, jealous, envious, judgmental, critical, impure etc.

This mis-qualified energy clings to the aura and is a burden to the soul. This energy is a dirty, heavy vibration and can work its way into the physical body thereby affecting the cell life causing ill health. Because of the Law of Attraction this darkness in the aura attracts darkness to itself.

At this time of change there are Great Forces of Light pouring into the world which is now rapidly changing; this Light of the Evolutionary Forces is agitating and stimulating the mind and consciousness of mankind and as a result Spiritual awareness is rapidly increasing for many millions. Then again this agitating force is also affecting those who live in the negative or darkness; these souls react negatively to Light vibrations and rebel against them, thus expressing into the ethers their dark expressions.

To prevent attracting to oneself this rapidly increasing negative energy from the astral & psychic levels one must keep their aura clean and bright. A loving heart, positive thinking, kind words and deeds and daily use of the Violet Fire will help do this.

It must be understood that no one can be raised into a higher vibration unless the gross vibrations are transmuted first by Spiritual fire; this usually means suffering.

The Mighty Creator God in His Mercy has given man knowledge of the Cosmic Violet Fire through the Master St Germain who has taught man how to use it to enable him to shorten his days of suffering in this time of Spiritual Revelation and Revolution. Thus the Violet Fire now plays a major role in the raising of mankind and the whole World System through its Loving transmuting action.

All who seek Spiritual unfoldment and inner peace should take time every day to meditate and elevate their consciousness above the mundane and so immerse themselves in higher Spiritual forces, beginning with the Violet Fire.

This message is to encourage everyone to invoke the Violet Fire for themselves everyday; invoke it also for your family, friends and for the world and teach others of its redeeming power.

Those who are clairvoyant may see the Violet Fire envelop them but those who don’t should visualize it, this is a good exercise for developing the inner eye and because of the Power of Creative thought this practice helps manifest it.

For those who do not meditate I suggest you find a quiet comfortable place. Sit at peace and let your thoughts transport you into the higher planes of Light by dwelling on Gods Holy Light and as you ponder the Light feel your Oneness with It. Let the emotion of Love for God fill your heart; know His Presence is within you and then in the name of Christ or in the Name of St Germain invoke the Violet Fire to enfold you; visualize it if you can and know Its fiery action is washing you and transmuting negative energy from your aura and every cell of your being.

If you practice this daily you will find that Peace and a sense of well being will enfold you and you will wish to linger in this elevated state of Consciousness and enjoy the Healing Light you have enveloped yourself in.

Over the last few decades there has been a gradual quickening of the vibration as we move from the Cosmic age of Pisces to the Aquarian age but be aware that a great impulse of Cosmic Force is about to impact our earth and our Solar System affecting all planes. This event is imminent and our world and everyone on it will be changed forever.

The time of Revelation is Now; the time for change is upon us. It is not safe to stand idly by on the side line and wonder do I enjoy the ways of the world or do I want the Light of Truth, expansion of Consciousness, Peace and Freedom? Act Now. Those who resist the Evolutionary forces will bring unnecessary suffering upon themselves.

The Ascended Master St Germain’s portrait is a Key to His essence, His Individualised Creative Expression, which enables one to make a conscious link with His energy which can be invoked during meditation for greater influx, but as all the Ascended Masters do, St Germain emphasis’s that He must not be your focus. Your focus must be upon the Light of your Individualised Christ Consciousness which rests upon your Crown Chakra also called the 1000 Petaled Lotus. It is here that all Divine Energy is magnified as it enters you according to your awareness of your Oneness with God.

When a soul focuses or worships any Force or Deity or Master separate from themselves they are denying the Christ or God Presence within themselves and thereby giving away their power.  This does not lead to enlightenment, enlightenment comes only through Self-Realisation.

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