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Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils – eBook by Leona Lal-Singh


eBook: ‘Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils’

The contents of this book are invaluable to the genuine seeker of the Heaven States of Consciousness.

The name of this book was inspired by the words of the Beloved Master Lady Nada. When this Master first communed with me she called Herself the ‘Spirit of Holy Matrimony’.

Her words were:‘Ye stand at the door of my temple the Temple of the Seven Holy Grails and the Seven Mystic Veils, Let me lead you through the Temple Door.’

The seeker must realise here that the Master speaks directly from Her Christ state of Consciousness, The Seven Holy Grails represent the seven spiritual centers or chakras and the Seven Veils represent the inner sheaths or bodies, each connected to its corresponding center.

Lady Nada’s chapter is concerned with the Mystical Marriage, the mystery of the merging of the soul, the feminine aspect of our being with its True Nature which is Christ. Christ being the Consciousness of God which is incarnate and individualised in every soul.

This book is a compilation of information critical to those following the Mystical Path to Self-realisation and ultimately the Mystical Marriage. The seeking soul must be aware that the narrow steep and winding inward path has many lessons to impart, there will be many obstacles to overcome, knowledge and awareness of these things is necessary if we are to avoid much unnecessary suffering. Be assured every soul on the path to Self-realisation is tested, no one is special, no one exempt, follow the path of any saint and see.

The journey to Self-realisation is a journey of self discovery, a journey of overcoming the me to the full realisation of the word ‘I AM’. Christ tells us one cannot speak the word ‘I AM’ in reality, unless the meaning is fully realised.

This book holds the key to many mysteries pertaining to our True Nature, it encourages the disciple to set themselves apart from the worldly and heed the promptings of the Eternal Spirit within.

Lovers of God seek the Truth and Peace that dwells within. Seek Light, Truth and Salvation so that you in turn may help the race of man into a higher vibration of the One Life now. We must begin with ourselves.

Dedicate your Life to Truth, the God of Light dwells within, He created you as a vessel for His-Her own purpose. When you realise this and give up the ways of this world you become the vessel through which His Light, His Love, His Wisdom and Power can flow.

The contents of this book will inspire and help you on your path to Self-realisation and the Mystic Marriage.

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  • 9 Coloured Pages
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