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Ascended Masters Reveal the Path within to Ascension – Print Book by Leona Lal-Singh

Book: Ascended Masters Reveal the Path within to Ascension
Man is an indefinable, unfathomable and eternal expression of the ‘One Life’.  The contents of this book have been inspired from the Higher Spiritual realms by Holy Masters for the purpose of the elevation of mankind.  
One is taken on a mystical journey of Self-discovery, a journey whereby one is drawn inward, along the ever-flowing stream of Light toward Its source at the inmost highest point within their being.  Along the way one finds that the physical body is but a manifestation of the inmost realm, as is the earth, and that Heaven is not a place but a state of Consciousness.
The soul learns that deep within them is the Infinite Eternal source of all Life and that they are an integral part of the ‘Whole’ and can never be separated from ‘It’.  Man has a dual nature, he-she is both human and Divine; through the unfolding of the sacred inner mysteries, that Christ gave us, one is shown the way to overcome the lower or instinctive nature that the True Spiritual Nature can unfold and express Its unconditional Love, Wisdom, great Power and magnificent Glory; the ‘I and the Father are One’ state of Consciousness.
The 14 Great Beings represented in this book now commonly called Ascended Masters offer great insight and guidance to those who seek Divine Knowledge and Understanding along the Path within which leads to Ascension.
This book was called: ‘Priests of the Order of Melchizedek’. Its new Title better reflects the contents of the book. 
  • Paperback
  • 183 Pages
  • 14 Coloured Images

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Weight 320 g
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