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Archangels & Archeia of the Seven Rays and Unfolding the Power of Sacred Symbolism – Print Book by Leona Lal-Singh


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This book has come forward for those whose desire above all is to enter the Kingdom of the Creative Power of the Christ within, recognised as the Kingdom of Heaven within.

The Christ of God is now stirring in many souls urging them to seek and find; to awaken in Truth.

The Spirit of God in man is ‘I AM’; Truth can only be unlocked and unfolded from within.

Seeking outside the self only causes confusion and conflict and the seeker becomes bound by the ideas and beliefs of others. The mind must become able to hold all ideas loosely so they are not a hinderance to Truth, the Spirit within, that will overcome all things.  Within every soul rests this great Spiritual Force waiting to find freedom of expression.

This is the Sacred Seed of Perfect Love, the Spirit of God, the Christ individualised in every soul. Christ is the leaven that will gradually unfold the Godhead within all that accept Him.

A Spiritual Revival is in progress; an awakening into Universal Consciousness rapidly bringing about change; a change that is causing division but will ultimately bring about Unity.

Slowly but surely the Divine Mind, in which All Life exists, is drawing every soul into greater conscious awareness of their Oneness with Him and with All other Life. The Infinite Eternal God has promised every soul an existence of completeness or wholeness in the Absolute, the All, an existence of Magnificence, Splendour and Glory. In the higher realms of Life all exist in such perfect happiness, serenity and joy that the Light of the Presence of the Lord is clearly visible shining through them. In the Highest realms no religion is practiced for all are expressing their True Divine or Christ Nature. God is worshipped in Wholeness, His Light Shining from every soul. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. He who is our Life, He who is the Mighty One, is the most humble and the servant of all.

This book contains 18 coloured symbolic pictures complete with information; 14 of the images are of the Archangels and Archeia of the Seven Rays revealing their Divine Mission and Purpose in the uplifting and unfoldment of the race.

Symbols are often received from above during meditation, Spiritual contemplation or in lucid dreams. They are given as a Spiritual aid and guide toward the understanding of the human and Divine Nature.

Spiritual symbols must be interpreted correctly as to understand that which is behind them, for those actively seeking to become Spiritually self-realised or enlightened, if a symbol is received, it is not only to be discerned as to that which it represents, but for what reason it was given, that is, it needs to be read and discerned correctly; it may represent a fact or it may mean there is a need to make more effort in that direction. An important statement, Christ or any messengers of Light never give flattery; no person is more important than another; humility is paramount to Spiritual unfoldment.

The path to Ascension is not easy, it takes great discipline, one-pointedness, humility and integrity and the ability to look at oneself with scrupulous honesty. When a soul is genuinely drawn inward to the path of Ascension, it is the urging of the Spirit of God within, the Christ, the True Eternal Nature which is Love. Without Love this Divine Consciousness can never be fully realised. Love is the mystic key that opens the door into that Inmost Sanctum of Perfect Love; that is why Jesus Christ teaches that we must Love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind and with all our soul.

Because the Divine Nature is Perfect in Itself, the disciple must endeavour to express this at all times. This nature is Absolute Unconditional Love. The disciple must become the vessel of Unconditional Love, kindness, gentleness, must forgive all, be merciful and not judge others, be without envy, jealousy or fear. It is necessary to establish deep inner Peace for without Peace one cannot enter into the inner, the higher realms of Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, where the soul can say the Sacred Word ‘I AM’ in full recognition of Truth. This is why Jesus always blessed with Peace.

Jesus personified the Christ, the Light, the Life, the Consciousness of God, He came into the world as the Mighty Redeemer to show us the Way, the Truth and the Life and when He was raised from the Cross of His crucifixion, His work of Redemption was fulfilled.

The symbols illustrated in this book are explained, many with in-depth information.

A book to be placed beside the chair of meditation.

  • Paperback
  • 108 Pages
  • 18 Coloured Images
  • ISBN: 978-0-473-51582-9

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