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Lord Melchizedek


Melchizedek means: King of righteousness; Righteous rule; Priest of God most high. He is mentioned only very briefly; three times in the Bible. It was He that bought forth bread and wine to Abram. Gen.14:18.

Of Jesus it was said that He should be a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. Psalms.110:4; Heb.5:6.

In symbology this painting represents the perfected soul or Christed One.

The winged Sun represents eternal Divine Power; the Sun itself represents the Logos or Light and our physical Sun through which all the elements come forth, to pass through the corresponding planets, then pass through our corresponding centers. The swastika this very sacred symbol, the swastika or wheel of life, as it is sometimes called, represents the manifestation or, in this case, the incarnation of the Light or Christ into form. A symbol of creation, in its centre the seed of Light spiraling into manifestation, the 4 arms representing the elements.

I quote John: ‘In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was The Word which was God involved itself in its own substance. A bit of Himself in every soul that came forth. This ‘Bit’ is the seed of Christ that overcomes the darkness of the World and grows up into the Light.

Rainbow: All things come into manifestation through Christ, the Spirit of God. The rainbow represents the White Light which is refracted through Christ at the point of manifestation, all things come into manifestation through one of these rays.

The 4 faces represent the elements: Air – the Eagle; The Lion – Fire;

The Bull – Earth; Angel Man – Water; the blue background  represents Ether or Substance.

The White Fire represents the Father – Mother, the positive and negative interpenetrating them all make the 7 principles underlying all matter.

The letters on the cups represent Gods Holy name.

The seven sacred planets correspond to our 7 sacred centers. We are created according to the whole solar system, as the macrocosm so the microcosm. All the influence of the planets work through us. To become perfected beings harmony must be established; our centers must be in perfect harmony with the planets.

The Rod of Power in His hand represents the Rod of Power up the spine. The serpentine Fires of Alpha & Omega which rise up the etheric spine in enlightened Man – Woman. It is known also as Kundalini. The sword of truth through the first letter of His name.

The World under His arm indicating that He has overcome the World.


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