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Q.   I was wondering :  Why are they all fair-skinned Caucasians ? Aren’t there any Ascended Masters that look more like modern day Africans, Asians or Middle Easterners?

A.   The answer to your question is that I don’t know why there are no African looking Masters among the portraits. The Masters that I have painted are those who came forward to me to be painted, I believe though that there are many more who have no desire or purpose to come forward at this time, for it would have no benefit for the race of man.

I am sure that among them must be those who Ascended with an African body. The Masters I have painted are not all Caucasians, El Morya is Eastern Indian, Kuthumi is a very fair skinned Kashmiri, Djwal Khul is Tibetian, Shankara – Indian, Toth – Egyptian and Lord Ramu and Lady Nada have an Eastern look but I have not been told from out of which country they Ascended.

When these Great Beings appeared they of course radiated Great Light and all did look very fair. I have tried to capture this in the art work for if I had put too much depth of colour into any of their ‘skin’ tones it would have taken away the celestial look, making them appear more ‘earthly’. Similarly I imagine if an African Master came forward He or She would look fairer but with African features.

Q.   Tell me,  how do The Masters come forward to you to be painted ?

A.  The Masters project through Consciousness an image of themselves which I “see” with my Spiritual Eye, known also as the eye of the soul or the third eye. This Spiritual centre is situated in the centre of the forehead in the ethereal body connected at that centre. The image projected is like a reflection of themselves, alive, moving and brilliant with the radiance of their illumination. At the same time they project into my Consciousness their name and any information they wish to give, this may come telepathically as words but often they place a concept of a knowing. I just all of sudden know what they wish to impart to me.

Q.   Are these living beings at this time or are they spirits from the past ?

A.   Yes these beings are living now but not on the earth plane of existence. When they Ascended from this material plane of experience they entered the plane that corresponded to their Illumined state of Consciousness. They now dwell on the highest Spiritual Plane of our World for they have become fully Self Realised. This means They have recognised and realised fully that They are One with God. They are still individuals but the personality of the man – woman has disappeared and the Spirit of God, that is called Christ, and is Eternal Life in us all, has complete expression through them. The Ascended Masters have become the Human and Divine Christ, God and man speak with One voice. They have achieved that state of Consciousness known as absolute or Christ Consciousness.

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