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Earth Mother - Rose of the Solar System

How beautiful is our Earth Mother; how exquisite, like a jewel in the Mind of our Creator.

The Great Lord of the Seven Sacred Planets calls her ‘The Rose’ of the Solar System, with her great beauty, Her Celestial fragrance drifting through the Cosmos.

She is small in comparison to many Celestial orbs yet she has everything, she is unique.

Her great beauty is known far and wide across the Universe. Space travellers of the Universe come just to see Her beauty and some of the myriad variety of Life forms that she mothers; and how sad they are now to see what is befalling Her.

The beauty of the Planet earth of which we speak is but the outer physical body of the Mighty Soul who is incarnate within; Her inner beauty, Her radiance of the Light of God within, mere words cannot describe.

This Great Celestial Self, who is Beloved of God, is the Earth Mother to all Life on the Planet, including man.

Our Earth Mother at some moment in the Infinite Mind of the Father – Mother Creator came forth from God as an individualised unit of Spirit, as we did, as did other Mighty Souls incarnate in other Celestial Orbs, and like us incarnated into humanoid bodies but on some pre-existing Planets in some pre-existing Galaxy. Through self mastery and enlightenment and on and on until such time as their Divine Mission and Purpose takes them to embodiment within a Celestial Sphere.

These Mighty Souls, incomprehensible to our human minds, receive, transform and project Cosmic rays that crisscross the Universe for specific purposes.

Within the soul of every man, woman and child is a mighty power which at some time will be fully expressed, but first, awareness of this Truth, which abides within, must and will be established.

Man has taken a giant step forward in technology in the last hundred years, and now must come the giant step forward in Spiritual awareness, for the evolutionary forces dictate these two must move hand in hand.

Intellectual prowess without the Wisdom of the Spirit, which originates beyond the mind, can and does lead man along the path of destruction.

Mans rapid development in the field of science has bought forward much to benefit mankind but sadly, in many situations the intellect is being used without the guidance of the Spirit, consequently much is being done to cause harm and great unnecessary damage and suffering not only to man but to all life on the Planet and the very Planet Itself.

The Cosmic Evolutionary forces have delivered mankind to the very brink of great Spiritual advancement, of an exciting new awareness, a new freedom of Creative expression and a great expansion of Universal Consciousness.

Because mankind has steeped himself so deeply, and for so long, in the culture of materialism, of seeing money, possessions and power as the supreme goal in life, some to the point of enslaving others to work, or stealing and cheating others. Also because many still see themselves as separate from God and separate from each other and all other Life, they cling tightly to ideas and beliefs past down to them for generations. This is why many and great changes must take place before the new freedom will be experienced by most.

The great inner prompting of the Spirit of God within every soul is nudging them to awaken Spiritually and know themselves to BE.

To know Thyself is to be Truly ‘Born Again’, that is to know and recognise that you are a Divine Being, that your Creator God dwells within and is your Eternal Life.

Christ, the Spirit of the Infinite Eternal God is the True Self and when Christ teaches ‘Know Thyself’, He is prompting you to awaken Spiritually, to know yourself to be ‘I AM’; whole, complete and perfect, made in the image and likeness of the Creative Principle.

No soul shall know Enlightenment until they know themselves to be One with the Absolute, The One, Infinite Eternal Sacrosanct Life who formed the Universes and all Life Forms therein. As God Created, God became the things He-She Created.

For generation upon generation God has been worshipped as Male and so it has been a Male oriented world. Many billions being taught that the male is superior to the female and that the female should be obedient or even obsequious to their male counterparts. In medieval times, being ignorant of the True nature of God ecclesiastics established the foundation of belief in the church that woman represented temptation and sin. Such false teachings and beliefs have slowed the Spiritual evolution of the race for centuries; it is now time to move forward.

The depth of pain and suffering that women have endured because of these ideas and beliefs is beyond comprehension. During the Middle Ages hundreds of thousands of innocent girls and women were tortured and murdered for all kinds of imagined magic and skulduggery. Many thousands in those dark times were burned as heretics or witches because of their natural clairvoyant and healing gifts and or use of healing herbs; it was said that they were using magic.

Their malicious, merciless or fearful accusers were ignorant of the Truth that the healing power of the Spirit will flow freely through any soul that opens their heart in the purity of unconditional Love and Compassion.

For Truth to be established in the heart and mind long held beliefs and ideas must be let loose and fade into nothingness where they belong.

Change will come but not without immeasurable suffering, which has already begun, for there are multitudes who resist the Spiritual evolutionary forces and will in ignorance fight to enforce their fixed beliefs on others. While the multitudes who already feel in their hearts the quickening pulse of Light, and desire freedom from oppression, will fight for this freedom so they can move forward.

The Age of Pisces has seen God worshipped as Masculine, but the time is coming when all men and women will realise that the Infinite Eternal Life is ONE with equal Masculine and Feminine Principles.

They will realise that the Infinite Creator is not a man but is Consciousness and Intelligence. Christ the Spirit of God is the Conscious expression of God; Christ is ONE with the Heart of God.

There is but ONE Spirit in the Creation of the world and all things exist by Him, all things came into being by Christ, including man and woman. The Spirit of God is male and female in Him-Herself; He-She is Conscious of all things and Conscious of Him-Herself in every individual.

The Spirit of God is the Life in every soul; the Light that sustains, ever renewing and evolving the Life forms that came into being by Him-Her. Spiritual evolution begins when the individual recognises and realises he is not separate from God. All men and women are brothers and sisters for all are children of the ONE GOD.

All religions stem from the ONE Truth.

The time is coming when every soul will have freedom to worship where and how the Spirit inspires and will re-identify themselves with God who made them in His-Her own likeness, having the Power of Creation in them.

Part of man’s journey to True Self discovery and enlightenment is to become aware of his relationship with our Planet Earth.

First must come, the realisation that the Absolute Supreme Creator is both Masculine and Feminine and that the Light or Life of this Divine Union is Spirit or Consciousness, known by some as Christ.

This awareness with Love and profound respect for the Feminine Principle in Life Itself will bring you into a closer relationship with our Earth Mother who gave birth to all Life Forms on the Planet.

God – Infinite Mind resolves Itself into an electronic substance which is the basis of all form. Spirit is within this electronic substance and controls and directs it. The Divine dual Principles engaged in forming worlds are also incessantly engaged in evolving them. In this a state of Eternal youth perpetuates in the finer bodies and spheres in space.

As we, units of the Divine Life, incarnate into the womb of the human mother, from our earth Mother, the atoms of substance are drawn to form our physical forms.

Prior to creating the human form the atom’s first pass through a refining process; when atoms are refined enough to rise above the mineral compound they pass through the vegetable kingdom to enter the animal kingdom, then sufficiently refined enter the human forms. The most refined atoms of human bodies not needed to construct and support the body of flesh are used in the forming of solids, fluids and ethers in the inner planes, there continuing their refining process while unfolding the Infinite Self-conscious Life within them.

It must be understood, man does not originate from matter; man is a Spirit entity; neither has man been mineral, vegetable or animal. All the kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal and human are separate evolutions but all are One in the Spirit of God. All Life originates from above.

Remember man – woman is a Spirit entity before he incarnates into this world, born above by Mighty Angels, we are Angelic by nature.

When we incarnate into this world we are born of our beloved Angelic Earth Mother, we have our Life in Her and she lives in us. Her sacred body is One with our bodies; Her bones One with our bones; Her precious blood one with our blood and so on. Our beloved human mother conceives of the Spirit entity, carries it, nourishes from her body and delivers it into this world of experience.

The Mighty Self who is our Earth Mother gave us our bodies and She provides nourishment for our body.

The Holy Stream of Life or Life process which gave birth to Earth Mother is the Life current which gave birth to All Creation, It comprises the dual complementary Creative Principles: Father – Mother and Spirit the Light of the Divine Union. These three are One and cannot be divided.

This Infinite Self-Conscious Stream of Divine Life continually flows through Infinity from Solar System to Solar System and is transformed down in degrees as It passes through each successive mediator.

The Mediators – Great Celestial Beings, Mighty Selves incarnate in Solar Spheres in the highest innermost central state of every Solar System, receive this inflow of the Life Stream, It is then mediated by them and received by the Great Angelic Selves incarnate in the Planets who then mediate It through all Life forms in all kingdoms.

The Sacred Current supplies the sustaining nutrients to the Planets for their development and growth. It acts upon the World – Soul whose soul structure interpenetrates and maintains the world and all life Forms that exist upon them.

The soul of man is a receiver and transformer of the Sacred Stream of Light which is electromagnetic in nature and is the healing force which is used in degrees by those who give Magnetic Healing.

The Power of Earth Mother is very great indeed, so great that by the Power of the Christ or Light of the Holy Life Stream which gives birth to All Creation flowing through Her, our Mighty Earth Mother can bring forth the child of God from the womb of a human mother without the seed of a man.

Because of the Power of Creation within the soul of earth Mother, and because Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was aware of Her own Creative Wholeness  in God, Jesus was born direct from the Christ Life incarnate in the Soul of the World.

Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. He was born not of the will of man but of God.

Nothing comes into being except by the Spirit which is Life, the Only Life.

This Life is Christ, the Light or Spirit of God and the Living Presence of God in each and every soul.

I AM; Hail this Mighty Truth within the innermost fiery core of your being. The Consciousness of the Christ is the Consciousness of God in you.

Christ’s Power is developed or unfolded within through recognition and realisation and through a Life of dedication and discipline and long periods of meditation pondering and contemplating Truth. The greater the degree of a souls awareness of the Sacred Presence within, the greater the souls expression of the Love, Wisdom and Power of Christ.

The purpose of this information is twofold, the first to propound this Truth that the One Infinite Eternal Creator God is equally Father and Mother and exists equally in all Creation. Mankind being Created in God’s likeness having all the attributes of God, with as much female in the male as there is male in the female.

Secondly to propound mans Oneness with Planet earth.

There is now an extremely urgent need for greater awareness in a bid to ease pressure and suffering upon souls as the now intense quickening Cosmic Forces are pressing down upon all relentlessly.

In ancient times there were more enlightened people living on our Earth, they were aware of their Oneness with the Earth Mother and all other Life upon Her so they existed in harmony with nature. They viewed all Life as Sacred and lived accordingly; these souls knew the value of pure clean water, of the ancient forests, of the soil and of the air we breathe and they took only what they needed from the earth and thanked the One Life and the Mother Earth for it.

These ones lived long, sometimes for hundreds of years, a full and active Life without illness and the crippling effects of old age, for they were rich in Divine Knowledge and understanding and were aware of the regenerative power of the Spirit of God within. They did not eat meat but sat at the table of Earth Mother laden with fruit, nuts, herbs and vegetables with milk and cheese made from the milk of the beasts they loved, nurtured and cared for. Those Spiritually awakened souls were the loving caretakers of the animal kingdom because they recognised them also as the children of Earth Mother, angels different from themselves but with the same Life within, incarnate in this world for some Divine purpose as they themselves were.

Although the present race is on the brink of taking a giant leap in Spiritual awareness most are still struggling with new Divine concepts because it is hard to let go of the old. Many are caught firmly in the terrible web of gross materialism and have completely turned their backs on their beloved Earth Mother, Mother Nature.

Man in his ignorance of his True Nature with his insatiable hunger for more, better and bigger has deeply scarred the body of Earth Mother with his unceasing ravaging of her precious resources.

The oceans are over harvested and the natural forests are being felled at an alarming rate. The sacred waters on earth are polluted and poisoned; the water is the very blood of the earth, the great forests all but gone they are the lungs, the atmosphere, the Holy Breath of nature, is polluted. Remember Her blood is our blood, Her lungs are one with ours, Her sacred breath our breath and Her starved and poisoned earth is one with our body. What are we doing to ourselves, and all the rest of Earth Mothers children?

As well we are witnessing the un-spiritualised sciences incomprehensible, unconscionable and deliberate corruption of much of the vegetable and animal kingdoms through genetic manipulation. This is and will continue to add to man’s great suffering.

Man is unmerciful in his desecration of Earth Mother and his cruelty and slaughter even to extinction of creatures of land and sea, not to mention his own kind.

Earth Mother is One with all Life forms upon Her, of Her all Life on Earth was born, She lives in us and we live in Her.

The soul structure of our Earth Mother interpenetrates and supports the World and every living thing that exists upon Her, as said before, her bones are our bones, Her breath our breath and so on.

Mankind must awaken to the Truth that as he destroys his natural habitat he is destroying himself.

It is part of mans Spiritual re-awakening in Divine Life to practise sustainability and to live in harmony with nature, being loving and kind and gentle with all Life. This is the unfolding and expression of the True Spiritual nature of man.

This race has come to the end of a Cosmic cycle, the hearts and minds of millions are already opening in response to the quickening vibration of the Universal Light.

It is the destiny of every man and woman to become aware of their True Divine Creative Nature that when given freedom of expression through enlightenment will give each and every soul the Power and dominion over every vibration that Jesus Christ and other great Avatars have demonstrated.

But before enlightenment comes to any individual they must soften their hearts, they must make Peace with their Earth Mother and learn to live by her Laws and in harmony with all of Nature, only then will he be living in harmony with his own True Nature.

The body of our Earth Mother will heal through great changes  for the regenerative Power of the Holy Life Current which flows through All creation is ever making new, ever evolving, ever sustaining the state of Eternal Youth so again Her great forests shall rise, her atmosphere become clean, her waters pure.

It is the Divine Mission and Purpose for our beautiful Beloved Earth Mother to once again support and sustain a race of more enlightened souls who will live in Peace and Harmony with Her, with each other, and with those more Spiritually aware who recognise the unity of All Life throughout the Universe within the One Infinite Eternal Life and who will visit openly from other worlds and will share a wealth of knowledge with them.

The Lord our God is One; He-She is Love and Peace; we have all come forth from Love, we all share the same Loving Divine Parent, The Lord exists is us and we exist in The Lord. Let us open our hearts in Love, Peace and Brotherhood without judgment, bias or intolerance and rise as one into greater and greater Light and into One Glory after another.

Peace be with you.


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