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Leona Lal-Singh


I'm Leona Lal-Singh

Mystic, Author and Painter.

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"Inspiration from on high is not given to mystify us, it is given to inspire and give Spiritual insight to the Glory, Love and Power that awaits us when we become Self-Realised, when our soul will merge with Christ our True Being. Christ tells us – ‘Truth cannot be explained, Truth is.’ "
Leona Lal-Singh

My Books

These books are the result of a long and arduous journey, a journey inspired by great love, and devotion for Christ, and a one-pointed, deep and passionate yearning for Truth.

It is to you the reader that I offer the fruits of my labour.

I do not channel the Masters, they communicate directly and inspire me by reason of the Sacred Life Current, that is, They enter into my Consciousness where the ‘Presence’ meets the ‘Presence’. All these communications are during highly elevated states of Consciousness, during meditation and prolonged periods of devotional prayer or writing.

My Books are a direct expression of this process.


‘The Infinite Eternal God has promised every soul an existence of completeness or wholeness in the Absolute, the All, an existence of Magnificence, Splendour and Glory.’

‘In the higher realms of Life all exist in such perfect happiness, serenity and joy that the Light of the Presence of the Lord is clearly visible shining through them. In the Highest realms no religion is practiced for all are expressing their True Divine or Christ Nature. God is worshipped in Wholeness, His Light Shining from every soul. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty.’

‘He who is our Life, He who is the Mighty One, is the most humble and the servant of all.’