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A Wave of Light travelling through the Universe​


In my first book ‘Seven Holy Grails Seven Mystic Veils’, it was prophesied that a Wave of Light was moving through the Universe toward our Solar System and that it would help change Life as we know it forever.

This Inter-stellar energy belt or Photon Cloud, as it is being called, is now upon us and when its mission is accomplished all that is left in its wake will be changed, raised in vibration, which is part of the process of all things being made new. Nothing can resist its force. All that holds man back will have to pass and all that causes division, separation or dissention will have to go.

This Cosmic belt of highly charged Light particles is affecting all things; it is exciting or agitating the Sun. Our Sun, already in its Solar Maximum, is being, as it were, super charged by these Light particles. Solar storms are now frequent and becoming ever more powerful as we move toward the massive Solar Flare or Coronal Mass Ejection, CME, that will impact Earth and change our world spiritually forever. The event of which Enoch has forewarned. The Planets are also being agitated, being raised in vibration and their energy is also changing.

The increasing Solar Storms are creating havoc with our weather and are triggering seismic and volcanic events. There will be increasing electrical storms, like has not been seen on our earth for a very long time.

All this upheaval in Nature and in social conditions during mans transition from one Cosmic Age to another will be, and already has been for millions of people, a time of great fear, anguish and  suffering; this will continue to Be for some decades.

The often repeated message from ‘above’ is to establish Peace within and have Faith that all are moving with the Spiritual evolutionary forces into Greater Light and Freedom of Divine expression in Universal Consciousness. Dwell also, to the best of your ability, in harmony with Earth Mother and all of Her Kingdoms. Treat the Earth and all Life upon it and around it with Respect, Kindness and Gentleness. Why is it so important to establish Peace and Harmony within and with Nature?

Man is the microcosm of the Mighty Macrocosm, all that God is, is represented in man. Man epitomizes the Universe. All things exist within the Divine Mind. The Infinite Eternal ONE created everything, of Him-Her all things are made.

There are Seven principles which are the basis of all Matter; five are the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether; interpenetrating these are the Positive and Negative principles known as the Father Mother principles. These elements exist in all things but in everything a different element predominates. So it is with the Planets of our Solar System and likewise our Spiritual Centres or Chakras. In each of our seven Spiritual centres one of the elements predominates and reflects its colour through it and by the law of attraction attracts to itself energy of corresponding vibration and colour from one of the Planets which are known metaphysically as the Seven Sacred Planets.

At present the planets are changing rapidly, the energy that they transmit is becoming more potent; for our Chakras to receive this energy without negative implications it is most important that we are harmonious with Nature and at Peace in heart, mind and soul. When a soul is in harmony with the Planets and with Life the various aspects of the Planets have no negative effect on them.

Everyone has come into this world to overcome the world through the All conquering Power of the Christ of God within them. The individualised Christ, or Spirit within each soul, is the Real Self or True Nature and is perfect. Christ was the Light of the World from the beginning and still is.

The evolution of the soul necessitates that they are born into the earth plane to gain understanding of the Immortal Creative Self. Our World and the Universe is moving rapidly into a higher vibration, those who dwell in denial of their True Nature in ignorance and darkness must turn inward to the Spirit or their suffering could become unbearable. Let go of earthly things so you can realise the things of the Spirit; you are One with God, reach up in Faith and ask to be raised quickly into greater Spiritual awareness and encourage others to do the same.

We are now experiencing the time of Revelations that Jesus Christ prophesied and the karma of the race is upon this generation and this generation shall not pass until all is fulfilled.

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