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A Message from Paul the Venetian

The Beloved Master Paul Veronese wishes to convey to all disciples of Truth the need for daily meditation. He speaks not of the practice of ‘tuning in’ to speak with spirits but True meditation where one elevates their Consciousness up through the Astral and Psychic planes into the Light, seeking silent Wisdom, Divine Knowledge and thus greater Spiritual Awareness.

Truth is the central power within and when a soul aspires only to the very highest they are seeking to pierce the veil of the darkness of ignorance into the All knowing Consciousness of God within.
The individualised Christ Consciousness in every soul is One with the totality of all Creativeness for there is but One Consciousness and that is God; this permeates the whole mind and body.

The human consciousness of most on earth is still bound up in belief systems and ideas, spiritual and otherwise; this smothers True Creativeness; that which is beyond the mind is a Consciousness free from all illusion and confusion.

It can take many years, many incarnations of dedication and discipline to overcome the human limitations and become free and enlightened.

As the evolutionary forces are now pressing down ever more powerfully from the quickening Universe, mankind is feeling the pressures. These forces are not only working around us but also from within us. All are being raised from within as well.

Through the Crown Chakra constantly flows the Life Flux of the Universe. This Light flows out continuously through all planes from the very font of Life Itself.

Part of the mission and purpose of Master Veronese is the manipulation of light particles; the mystical blending of colours of which the vibrations will help to raise the consciousness of mankind and stimulate his mind. These potently charged Light particles quicken, strengthen and develop the inner sheaths or bodies that interpenetrate the body of flesh; these need to be strong to take on the more powerful energies that are now pressing upon mankind. This will in turn raise and develop the physical body.

These mystical, sacred blends of Light particles each with their unique vibration are being projected out continually through the Divine Consciousness of the Master Paul Veronese within the white Cosmic Fire, into the ethers and out in every direction; they enter the Crown Centre in man within this White Light or Life Flux, and as these seeds of energy enter they become personalized within his-her consciousness.

The Master tells us that as new potentised colour vibrations come into touch with the Crown Centre, also known as the 1000 Petaled Lotus, change is initiated. The Centre is stimulated and developed to a greater degree; finer petals, previously slumbering, will activate with the new vibrations connecting the soul to greater forces. This will bring about Greater Awareness and Creative Expression in the soul and have a flow on effect bringing about changes within the precious Holy Temple not made by hands.

The Ascended Master Veronese suggests that when one sits to meditate, when the mind has become quiet, when Peace is established in heart, mind and soul and closed eyes tilt toward the inner Spiritual Eye in the centre of the forehead, then in Love and Reverence for the One Infinite Eternal God, Know that the Light of your Creator God, carrying mystical colour vibrations, is flowing abundantly through your Holy Christ Self into your whole being. The more one Loves and Reveres God and lives by His Divine Law, which is Unconditional Love, the greater the abundance of His Light flows into them.

The Individualised Divine Creative Expression of the Master Veronese is One with the Whole of the evolutionary forces pressing upon man in this time of change.

Man’s body temple on all planes (the ethereal bodies as well as the flesh body) are being raised, quickened and evolved in preparation for existence and experience in the quickened Universe.

The Individualised Christ Consciousness in every soul is One with the totality of all Creativeness for there is but One Consciousness and that is God.

The Master Veronese’s portrait is the key to His essence, His Individualised Creative Expression, His energy can be invoked during meditation for greater influx but He emphasises that He Must Not be your focus. The focus must be upon the Light of your Individualised Christ Self which rests upon your Crown Centre, it is Here that all Divine Energy is magnified as it enters according to the awareness of your Oneness with God.

All True Spiritual Masters and Teachers emphasis that they must not be worshipped; It is God alone which must be worshipped.

When a soul worships any outside force or Being they are denying the Christ within and giving their Power away, this does not lead to enlightenment; enlightenment comes only through Self-Realisation.

More information in greater depth concerning the Beloved Ascended Master Paul Veronese, as well as the other Ascended Masters is available in my book:  Ascended Masters Reveal the Path within to Ascension 

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