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A Message from Shankara

Lord Shankara, often called Shankaracharya (acharya which means ‘religious teacher’), is known for His incarnation into India. Shankara is recognised as a great monist and philosopher; He interpreted Vedanta philosophy in a strictly advaita (non-dualist) monist Spirit. Shankara the writer who openly expressed great Love for the Divine Mother, the Feminine Principle of the One Creator God, wrote devotional poems of Love.

Shankara the great religious reformer traveled extensively through India touching many thousands of lives with His doctrine. Shankara established Maths, four monistic educational centers, in the South as Mysore, Puri in the East, Dwarka in the West and Badrinath in the Himalayan North, in these centers free tuition was given.

As this beloved Lord appeared to proffer to me His message there came with Him the inner exquisite mystical fragrance of His Ascended Soul. He wore around Him shining gold raiment representing not only the gold and yellow rays but also His innate Wisdom.

Lord Shankara appeared, as before, with His beautiful shining long dark hair, His radiant face with no facial hair, His most noble appearance such as indistinguishable as male or female. This also is purposeful for He personifies the equal undividable Divine Principles of Male and Female.

The great and beloved Lord Shankara offers for acceptance the following information and Divine Knowledge.

Mankind on the whole is now well aware that the winds of change are very active in the world with earth changes well underway. The massive decline of morality in society and the collapse of the monetary system brought about by insatiable greed. What most are unaware of is that the quickening Spiritual impulse is active within Consciousness, within the individual and the race.

Many unawakened in their True Creative Nature are generating a great force of resistance against this quickening impulse of Divine Light, thus the moral decline, low immoral crude behaviour and the immersion of themselves totally in the bog of the material world.

Be aware beloved children of God that such behaviour will cause great unnecessary suffering, for the forces of evolution will not be stayed.

Many as well are resisting Spiritual forces by clinging to their old ways because of false ideas and erroneous beliefs handed down from one generation to another from one age to another.

The main theme of this communication is centered around one of these erroneous beliefs; the long standing belief that man is superior to woman.

One of the greatest burdens on mankind is the belief that man is closer to God than woman, in other words men and women are not equal.

While this mass state of consciousness prevails there will be no Peace, no Enlightenment, no Spiritual Freedom, only suffering.

That a soul moves more harmoniously with the evolutionary forces of the Universe they must understand their relationship with Deity and with each other. A soul must let go of old beliefs that God is separate from them and that they are separate from each other and all other Life. One must identify their Creator as being the Life with themselves and recognise Him equally in every other soul no matter gender, race, creed or religion.

All are first ‘born above’, coming forth from the font of Life or Godhead as Units of Divine Life, or Spirit or Consciousness. We are the individualization of the Infinite Spirit and live and move in Infinite Mind. We are the offspring and outcome of the Divine Dual Self, which is both Father and Mother. Mighty Angels, incomprehensible to the human mind, conceived of the Divine concept and by the creative Power of the Spirit gave birth to our Spirit entities. The body and soul are sacred unto God for they are part of Him-Her, they are the house or temple for the expression of the Spirit of God.

When souls incarnate into this earth plane, their gender is chosen according to the experience needed for the path that has been set before them. Human souls pass through many stages of awareness on their long journey to Self-Realisation.

For example: In the sacred inner mysteries, pertaining to mans True Being, symbolically the ‘first born’, are souls aware of themselves as being separate from God and all other Life often expressing this as self centeredness and selfishness. Then at the higher end of the scale in comparison there are, symbolically the ‘Seventh Born’, who have Divine awareness, they are fully awakened in the True Nature, their human nature has faded away and they ‘See’ clearly that they are One with all Life, united in the Spirit of God. Spiritually Enlightened souls are selfless, giving, humble, compassionate, kind and gentle with all Life, they can see the Divine in, and behind, all things.

God, sole Supreme Being, Creator and Sustainer of all Life, is Infinite Mind, Spirit, Love, Wisdom, Power, Truth, Male and Female.

The Almighty Infinite Life is both Father and Mother. The Father or masculine is the Positive Principle and the Mother or Feminine is the Negative Principle. These two Principles are One and inseparable and interpenetrate all Life EQUALLY.

he Light of the union of the Father Mother Principles is the Spirit Consciousness or Christ. Christ the Light and Life Force of the Father Mother is Equally Masculine and Feminine. The three Principles of the Godhead: Father – Mother – Christ are One and cannot be divided. God has created man and woman like unto Him – Herself being Creative by nature; the Creative Eternal Life within being Spirit Consciousness or Christ.

Know that God lives in each and every one of you, and you live and move within the Infinite Mind of God, there is nowhere God is not.

The body has no Life of its own, it is Christ, the Spirit of God individualised in man and woman that gives Life, thus Christ or Spirit Consciousness is the True Self the True Nature of every soul male or female and again Christ is Equally Male and Female.

The Spiritual Teachers and Holy Prophets who have walked the earth have taught the masses in parables, so the inner mysteries are veiled, for in Spiritual Law the inner mysteries are never taught to those not actively seeking Truth for they are not prepared. The seeker of the Truth must prepare spiritually, mentally and emotionally for the Spiritual Forces that are released within by the awakening of the True Creative Nature are potent. If the devotee or disciple of Truth has not mastered his or her thought patterns and emotional habits the Force is destructive to themselves and others.

The Holy Scriptures must become transparent; one must be able to discern the Truth that is veiled deep within the doctrine and see past mans ideas on Truth.

God is Truth in, and behind, all Life; God is the Life in all things. Full self-realisation cannot become a reality until the conditioned mind is freed from set ideas and conformities. God is Truth, not an idea, only Truth can set one free.

The Cosmic age that lies ahead will become one greater Spiritual Unity; mankind shall become aware that all Life is One, united in the Spirit of God, that men and women are equally Divine, that every soul is precious to God no matter race or manner of worship.

Lord Shankara tells us that as one of the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy it was His Divine Mission to incarnate about the same time as the Great Enlightened One – Jesus Christ.

Shankara was one of a selection of Master souls of the Celestial Hierarchy who incarnated about the same time as Jesus, some a bit before and some just after. It was their Mission to prepare, to support, to document and to spread the Word of the living God into distant countries.

As a devoted disciple of His beloved Christ He traveled far, walking many miles, often barefoot, teaching by example and through the spoken Word and later in His Life he documented.

Later into the Piscean Age the Beloved Lord Shankara incarnated into India on a Divine Mission to teach of the One God, One Life in and behind all Creation. Here Shankaracharya magnified the Feminine Principle of the Light of God by His great Love and outward exultation for the Divine Mother.

From time to time, when there is a need, enlightened Master souls on a Divine Mission descend through the planes to reincarnate, to take on again for a short while the heavy smothering vibrations of a body of flesh. They do this to bring Greater Light into the world, to lift the Consciousness of the race by their Presence and through their teaching. When their mission is done they soar back into the heights. Every soul that becomes enlightened helps raise the whole race.

There is to be at a future point in time in the Aquarian Age a selection of Spiritual Masters who will descend again through the planes into this plane in order to help the race expand further in Universal Consciousness. Lord Shankara’s Mission at that time will see Him once again incarnate in His beloved India.

The race of man is at a very exciting stage of Spiritual evolution as it moves quickly into a Cosmic Age of Greater Spiritual awareness of his-her Oneness with His-Her Creator.

Let go of beliefs and ideas that hold you bound and be not afraid of change, you are not going to lose your True identity you are going to discover it.

It is the mission of the Christ in every soul to raise them out of the darkness of ignorance, fear and grief into the Light of Truth, Love and Peace.

Do not resist this Universal Force with which you are One. The Christ is the Life in you, only by entering into the Universal Christ can you become whole in God and true individuals of the Christ Spirit revealing the Truth and Glory of the One Eternal God.

Christ teaches us:

The intellect can reason Truth but only through Love does the way open in True recognition and realisation of Truth. Only in Love is man and woman fulfilled in God, because God is Love.

Further information about this Master can be found in: Ascended Masters Reveal the Path within to Ascension

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