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A Message from Jesus Christ

When a soul begins to understand that the Christ of God is within they cease to look outside themselves for Him.

He came to reveal to the human race the All-empowering Truth that the Living Spirit or Christ of God is incarnate within every soul and is their Eternal Life.

Christ is the individualization of the Spirit of God Him-Herself in manifestation. Christ the Son of God and the Son of man knows God and knows man, and is the mediator between man and God.

Jesus Christ, aware that He had been sent by God and aware of His own Divinity, and of the Divinity of man, overcame this world and transcended every vibration. His Consciousness merged Infinite Consciousness and He became, as it were, transparent, giving full unlimited expression to all the Might, Power and Wisdom of God. Jesus was the  personification of the Godhead, His words were Gods words, His thoughts Gods thoughts, His works were Divine. He said: “I and my Father are One.”

This most dearly beloved personification of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power offers for your acceptance the following:

A Cosmic age has passed since I came into your world to fulfil the Law, to demonstrate by example that Christ, the Spirit of God could manifest in the body of flesh all the Love, Wisdom and Power of the One Infinite God who was embodied and expressing Himself from within. I came to release all from the bonds of limitation of ignorance. I came to demonstrate that death is but an illusion and that those who pass from the earth plane do not die but merely move from one state of Consciousness to another.

Gods Law is Love, the Law of God is Christ. Christ is the Life in and behind all things.

My mission was and is to reveal to mankind the All empowering Truth that the living Christ of God is incarnate, and is the Life within every soul.

I and the Father are One and the same; no Life can ever be separated from God.

Be still and know that I Am within and I Am your True Nature and I tell you that you are moving through all stages of the Christ from the foundation unto to wholeness in God.

I AM aware of all your difficulties, your failings, your temptations and your suffering while in the body of flesh. Your Creative Power is the Consciousness of Christ in you, and through me you have the Power to overcome, the Power to conquer all things.

Spiritual forces are presently being used to stimulate the mind of men and women and higher knowledge and wisdom is being released into the world raising the Consciousness of mankind on mass.

Souls are feeling these quickening impulses which are urging them to seek, to explore, to experience, to invent, to create, to cross the boundaries of time and space and to reach upward, outward and inward to attain greater awareness of themselves and their surroundings.

The time of revelations is well underway and many mysteries are unfolding. The Consciousness of many billions, into the Cosmic Age you called Aquarius, will expand to encompass a Universe teeming with Life, a Universe that exists totally in the Mind of its Divine Creator, the One Infinite Eternal God. The One I call My Father. 

God is Love and Love is God, yet no one knows what It is, we only know that It is.

The Consciousness of God is Christ; Gods Consciousness envelops everything, and everything is within His Consciousness.

It is natural for a soul to seek the source of its being, as a lost child yearns to reunite with its parents, so does a soul yearn to reunite with its source. This desire will lead to Truth through inspiration from the Spirit within.

Because Universal influences are now penetrating the mind of man many are looking to extra terrestrial races for their genetic or ancestral heritage.

I tell you again, seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things, all knowledge, will be given you. With open mind and loving heart keep pondering the sacred mysteries that lead to Spiritual awakening and recognition of the Life within.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and when you enter the Kingdom of your own Christ Consciousness you will realise where Christ dwells, and you will Know His-Her Creative Power and you Shall See that nothing is hidden in His Light.

The Consciousness of the individual is in no way separate from the whole, the Infinite Consciousness. Christ is Omniscient but this Knowing slowly unfolds in man, according to his Spiritual awareness, so does Truth unfold.

This deep Knowing or Spiritual awareness that All Life is of Divine origin, born of the Spirit of God, having Infinite Consciousness and Intelligence in and behind it will open your mind to the Universe with a totally different perspective.

Having Divine Knowledge and Understanding that All Life, all beings are united in the Spirit of the One Creator will open your hearts and minds to the Universe in Peace and Brotherhood.

Spiritual Knowledge gives understanding that no being originates on any physical planet or sphere, All Life is first born above. Those who are to experience physical manifestation come down through the planes to incarnate into the body of flesh.

There are those who can, at will, move through the planes without the birth experience.

Once man is aware that he is a Spiritual Being, an individualization of the Eternal Christ, on an exciting journey of rediscovery he can seek to unfold the mysteries of the Universe and his genetic heritage without creating false ideas or concepts of who his Creator was. Fixing the mind with false ideas blocks the Light of Truth from filtering through.

Man must never look outside himself for the source of his being, must never worship any being or personality as deity, the God of Life dwells deep within the very core of every soul. Truth and knowledge of All things dwells within.

It is a time of rapid Spiritual evolution for the race of man for it has been ordained by God through Christ that it is time for man of earth, on mass, to become aware that he-she is of Divine heritage, an individualization of the Spirit of God no less. It is time for man to awaken to the Truth that His world is not the hub of Life in his Universe but an integral part of the inseparable whole of the Infinite Life. Change will be painful and difficult for many for firmly established beliefs and ideas must be dissolved for the mind must be free and open to receive and comprehend the Spiritual and Universal Knowledge that is now unrolling like a sacred scroll before mankind.

There are many wonderful exciting and sacred mysteries to unfold for those whose minds are prepared for Truth and change concerning Life and evolution in the Universe.

Man’s True Self does not evolve for Christ is Perfect but the outer man changes. The physical bodies of all Gods Creations evolve through time to suit changing conditions. Greater Spiritual awareness and higher soul expression changes and refines the body of man.

There are scattered across the Universe, in the highest Echelons of Light, Great Spiritual Hierarchies of enlightened Master Souls, Archangels and other Mighty Beings that are associated with different Star Systems. We of your Spiritual Hierarchy communicate with these other Hierarchies when needs be.

Spiritual rebirth for the race and for the individual will be like all natural births accompanied by degrees of pain and suffering; a time of testing and trials and a time where great discernment of Truth is necessary.  Whatever you experience in times of trial ahead hold firm in Faith, lean on Me and know that we can never be separated.

Those who dwell consciously in Christ and listen to the silent Word within are safe from harm or accident. No soul is separate from Christ; I AM the Life within, closer than hands and feet.

The warnings I gave 2000 years ago I repeat. Many will there come saying I am Christ or here is Christ or there is Christ; I warn they will mislead many. Many will come in My name proclaiming I have sent them but I tell you they know me not for they have not yet recognised Truth. There will be an abundance of false prophets and so called Spiritual leaders who by their own ignorance of truth will mislead you.

I speak to you not with the voice of man but from the Infinite Consciousness of God.  Christ is not a man or woman; He is not an individual who would have you worship him.

Christ is without form, Christ is the Spirit or Consciousness of God. Christ preceded all Creation. All Creation came into being through Christ. One cannot see Truth, yet Truth unfolds within each one from the Spirit of God within.

When a soul begins to understand that the Christ of God is within they cease to look outside themselves for Him.

Since my mystical birth into your world I have been an enigma to many. There are those, yet asleep in Christ and in ignorance, they fabricate the story of my Life to satisfy their disbelief and their unfortunate actions confuse and confound others and cause their faith to waver.

My mission in your world demonstrated a series of mystical acts which when understood by man leads them along the path of enlightenment to wholeness in God and ultimately their own Christhood.

I tell you Truly there are dark forces at work in your world, insidious evil forces that wish to hold man enslaved and in ignorance of his innate power and of many other things, for their own dark purpose and lust for power. These dark forces which are currently rife in your world are all part of the antichrist forces of which I forewarned 2000 years ago.

Be aware, be discerning, and know I AM always with you, I Am the Spirit of God, be at Peace, open your heart and my telepathic thought will guide you.

I came into the world to free you from the bonds of all limitation.

This is the time of Revelation, the time of the prophesied Second Coming. It was for the Second Coming that I died; I died that you might have Eternal Life; I died that you could be Born Again, to be born of the Spirit, that is, to be free in Christ, with True self awareness.

I AM the Resurrection and the Life and all who believe in me shall have Eternal Life, they shall know the illusion of birth and death and the illusion of time and space. To be born of the Spirit is to know and recognise the All Empowering Truth of your Oneness with Christ in God.

When a Consciousness realises its True source the Mighty Power of Love is expressed. Then can that soul proclaim the Word of Power in full reality and know the meaning of It. That Word is I AM.

Those who can read the signs of the times know already that the time of great change has begun. I know that many hearts are weak with fear for it is a time of great uncertainty in your world with great upheaval worldwide politically and socially with great unrest among the people and much violence along with many earthquakes, volcanic activity and violent weather conditions.

All must be fulfilled, but take heart, be strong in faith in the knowledge that I AM with you and you cannot be separated from me.

Christ is the Spirit of God and is Love; through Christ you came into being so Love is the Life in you; Love is a Great Power and Life’s True expression; By Love I heal, by Love I Live.

I AM the Word of God; I AM the Christ in you.
When a Consciousness realises its source the Mighty Power of Love is expressed. When Christ Love is expressed there can be no darkness, for Christ is the Light of the world, and there can be no fear, for Love conquers all things and casts out all that is contrary to the Real Self.Love is the Union between God and man and is the Eternal link to Father-Mother God.

I Live for all Life, all races, all tribes, all nations. If you believe in Me and want Me to be Powerful in you then be pure of heart. To be pure of heart is to express all the qualities of Christ. Be kind and loving toward each other and toward all Life. Forgive one another as God forgives you and judge no one.

The pure in heart see God in everyone. Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I AM the Consciousness of the Supreme Infinite God.

No soul can enter the Kingdom of Heaven except through Me.
Ponder deeply this Sacred Mystery until the Light of Truth breaks through.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of Consciousness.
The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

My Peace and Love I bring to you.

Further information about this Master can be found in:  ‘Ascended Masters Reveal the Path within to Ascension’

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