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Leona Lal-Singh

Inspirational Spiritual Books by Leona Lal-Singh – Mystic, Author and Painter

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'The Light is infinite Love, Wisdom and Power; It is the Life in all things and is the only reality; this is the Light of man.'
Leona Lal-Singh

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‘Ye stand at the door of My Temple, The Temple of the Seven Holy Grails and the Seven Mystic Veils. Let me lead you through the Temple door.’ – Lady Nada

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This work is a testament of Holy Grace, a testament of the Power of the Celestial Archangels and Archeia whose Divine Purpose and Mission is to elevate mankind and all Life with him. 

The Heavens move to lift man out of the mundane into true Spiritual expression and into the Glory of the Light.

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The ethers are being stirred, the elements quickened; man is being prompted to raise his-her awareness of the ‘One Life’, not by reaching outward to a far off Deity, but by turning inward to the Spirit of the Living God within.
Leona Lal-Singh