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Ascended Masters Reveal the Path
within to Ascension

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'The Light is infinite Love, Wisdom and Power; It is the Life in all things and is the only reality; this is the Light of man.'
Leona Lal-Singh

The Ascended Master Books, by Leona Lal-Singh, are invaluable for the serious seeker of Truth and Spiritual Insight. They reveal the pathway within to Self-Realisation and Ascension.


The Mission of the Brother-Sisterhood of Ascended Masters is to raise the Consciousness of mankind, which entails the raising of the awareness of the individual. Every soul that comes into the world is a Divine Child, this Truth is concealed in the illusion of the world, in the darkness of mans ignorance of his-her True Nature.

The Ascended Masters teach that this darkness will persist as long as man clings to an outward Deity. Enlightenment requires the letting go of the illusion of a Deity separate from ourselves. God created all within Himself, we exist in Him and He in us, the more aware we become of this mighty Truth the more He shall express Himself through us – let no man tell you otherwise. One cannot proceed along the pathway of Enlightenment until they have understood the basic principles of the Mystical Christ Nature.

The Pictures of ‘The Ascended Masters’ are being made available for those who have long desired them. The Masters ‘commissioned’, as it were, these paintings in the 1980’s and now desire them to be released to the World.

1 (9)
I do not channel the Masters, they communicate directly and inspire me,
by reason of the Sacred Life Current.
That is, They enter into my Consciousness where the 'Presence' meets the 'Presence'.
Leona Lal-Singh

Prints of the Ascended Masters by Leona are available from the Shop.

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The images painted of the Ascended Masters: One could not see the Angelic form, that is, the form of the Enlightened Being and see it as it really is. If the, now great, Ascended Masters wish to appear they assume the appearance of those existing in the outer planes.

My Portraits of the Ascended Masters resemble the likeness of their last incarnations in this world. Unfortunately I could not capture on canvas their extreme inner beauty and radiance, the appearance and frequency of the Eternal Youth state of Being and the Eternal Power of Absolute Love that flows freely from them and leaves one in a state of Bliss. But I am to add that each of these likeness’s hold the Mystic Key to their individual Divine Essence.

I do not channel the Masters, they communicate directly and inspire me by reason of the Sacred Life Current, that is, They enter into my Consciousness where the ‘Presence’ meets the ‘Presence’. All these communications are during highly elevated states of Consciousness, during meditation and prolonged periods of devotional prayer or writing.

The ethers are being stirred, the elements quickened; man is being prompted to raise his-her awareness of the ‘One Life’, not by reaching outward to a far off Deity, but by turning inward to the Spirit of the Living God within.

‘Ask in My name’ said Christ Jesus, ‘and ye shall receive’.

When the Lord said these words He was not speaking from the personality of the man for that had disappeared; He was speaking from His True Christ Nature. So aware was He of ‘The Presence’ of the Living God within Him that His Consciousness merged completely with the Consciousness of His Father – The Infinite Eternal God of all Life – They spoke with One voice. This was the Consciousness of Jesus Christ; this is the Consciousness of every Ascended Master. The only difference between Them and us is They have awakened fully into the Mighty Truth of their Divinity, while we still slumber.

Throughout these writings the Ascended Masters affirm that the One Life principle lives within us all. The Divine Presence of God is within awaiting recognition, awaiting devotion, awaiting obedience, awaiting greater expression through His beloved children. We must ask the Father through His Spirit within our very Being then shall we receive.

Throughout these writings certain things are repeated because it is essential that they are impressed upon your Consciousness. There are also warnings, for the pathway to Self-Realisation is fraught with illusions, tests and difficulties. All of the writings and paintings on this website are of a mystical nature; they have been Inspired by the ‘The Above’ and I, to the best of my ability, have discerned these inspirations and communications to be the Truth. But in the end you must discern the Truth of all that you see for yourself.

The Ascended Masters taught through the Spiritual Master MacDonald-Bayne:  That Higher Spiritual works are an exact replica of what is held above(I know by experience that this is Truth for I have experienced painting my mystical works in the higher spheres before on this plane) with the exception that occasionally at times there creeps into expression on this plane a personal idea but that is counteracted later as the instrument becomes ever more attuned to the higher influences.

Christ said: “I AM the way the Truth and the Life, no one cometh to the ‘Father’ but by me.” This means we must go through the Christ Self to reach enlightenment. No one can enlighten us but Christ, in him alone shall we become whole.

You are all unique individuals, the ‘Father’ has created you for a unique purpose and even now as you read these words He is aware of your reaction to them. You are all being prepared for a unique purpose so keep the doorway to Universal Consciousness open. All that stands between you and your Christhood are your ideas and beliefs.

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The contents of this book have been inspired from the Higher Spiritual realms by 14 Ascended Masters for the purpose of the elevation of mankind.


One is taken on a mystical journey of Self-discovery, a journey whereby one is drawn inward, along the ever-flowing stream of Light toward Its source at the inmost highest point within their being.  Along the way one finds that the physical body is but a manifestation of the inmost realm, as is the earth, and that Heaven is not a place but a state of Consciousness.

The ethers are being stirred, the elements quickened; man is being prompted to raise his-her awareness of the ‘One Life’, not by reaching outward to a far off Deity, but by turning inward to the Spirit of the Living God within.
Leona Lal-Singh
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